Early days

The Windmill in the early days of restoration


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Present day

The Windmill, present day

Built in 1757 by a carpenter from Ashdon who went by the name of William Haylock, the Bragg's Mill is a grade II post mill in Ashdon, England. It was originally for sale in 1813 back when it had multiple mill stones. Back then it was an open trestle mill (the arrangement of the Main post, crosstrees and quarterbars that form the substructure of this type of windmill.)

In 1815 the tail was extended, and a roadhouse was added after 1820. It was a fully-functioning mill until approximately 1912, afterwards it needed to be supported from underneath as part of the side girt had ceased working. It has been renovated throughout the 50's but quickly deteriorated by 1974. Additional repairs were completed on the mill, with the sails being removed in '90.

Artificial Turf and Sofa SOS are proud supporters of the Bragg's Mill.

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